Step Back in Time -  Come experience the story of the Endicotts and Reardons and their collections from ​​​​​​​earlier times.  Our museum located on Route 9 in Seaville, New Jersey highlights life in the region in the early 1900s and beyond. Visit a 1920's home including a parlor, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and children's room.   Enjoy exhibits relating to life, work, community and the greater world.  Enjoy memorabilia collected by the Endicott and Reardon families for over 100 years!


Our museum is open for visitors on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am to 2pm from June 5 through September 27. Groups are welcome all year by appointment.  To make a group reservation please call 609-213-2862.   

Special Events for the 2023 Season (Stay tuned for additional events still to come!)

Tuesday June 27, 2023, 2pm - "Ben Franklin and the Cape May Mitten Trade" - This program will describe the cottage industry of producing woolen mittens by many of the women of Cape May County in early America.  Presented by Jim Talone and Jamie Hand

Tuesday July 11, 2023, 2pm - "Upper Township and Its Ten Villages" - presented by local historian, educator and author Robert F. Holden.  This presentation will provide early history and images of the region of Cape May County known as "Upper Township" which was founded in 1798.  Mr Holden will provide insight from his book authored under the same name focusing on the 10 different villages that currently comprise the Township.

Tuesday July 25, 2023, 2pm - "Boys in Glass Houses" - This program will describe the glass mills of South Jersey in early America and the role that many young boys played in that industry.  Presented by Jim Talone and Jamie Hand. 

Tuesday August 15, 2023 2pm  "Mapping of Cape May's Railroads" - This program will describe the railroad lines and mapping that existed in Cape May County in years past.  Presented by area reailroad enthusiast Paul Mulligan.  Mr. Mullligan owns his own historic railroad car the "Mineral Spring" which he has been restoring over the past five years at the historic Tuckahoe Train Station

Tuesday August 29, 2023 1pm "The Bride Wore...White?"- This program will describe wedding fashion from the 15th century to today - presented by Pary Tell, local historian and former Director of the Division of Culture & Heritage for Cape May County.  When we think of wedding dresses, we think of white lace, veils and walking down the aisle in front of friends and family, but these are relatively recent traditions.   Learn about the changing history of wedding fashion and the long and surprising history of the wedding dress.   This event will include a  tea with accompaniments.   This event is free but a $10 donation is suggested for those who wish to make a contribution.  Please note this is a reservation only event and is limited to 20 attendees.  Please see reservation information below.

The above programs are free of charge but require a Reservation as seating is limited.    To register please contact Linda Leonard by text or phone at 609-827-4582, or by email at lleonard246@gmail.com.  Please call or text after 5pm and before 9pm.   Leave name and phone number and indicate which program(s) you wish to attend.